The condition of a piston skirt has a major influence of the lifetime of the corresponding cylinder liner. If a piston skirt shows signs of scuffing, of seizure marks or of excessive scratches or if its bandages (rubbing bands) are worn, then it should be replaced or reconditioned at the first opportunity so as not to jeopardize the cylinder liner.

If we recondition a piston skirt, then we carry out the following works:

  • Thorough inspection and measurement
  • NDT crack testing
  • Removing the old bandages
  • Rolling-in of new bronze bandages and milling of the expansion slots
  • Skimming of the mating surfaces to remove fretting corrosion, if any is present
  • Final machining of the bandages on a vertical CNC lathe
Newly reconditioned piston skirt
Newly reconditioned piston skirt

Image Gallery

Piston skirt after reconditioning: bandages replaced and surfaces skimmed
A reconditioned piston skirt: Bandages replaced and surfaces skimmed
Machining of freshly installed, new bandages
CNC machining of freshly installed, new bronze bandages (rubbing bands)
Newly reconditioned piston skirts prior to delivery to the customer
Three newly reconditioned piston skirts awaiting delivery to the customer