Good planning of a dry docking can save considerable amounts of money. Where to dock, when to dock and which dockyard to use are the main questions that need answers. Creating a correct docking specification based on actual need and not on the standard dockyard spec sheet is the cornerstone of a docking. Finding a docking slot when and where wanted also require specific knowledge and contacts on the market.

With the correct partner, a dry docking can be efficient and cost effective thus minimizing the number of days off-hire. Creating an atmosphere of trust between the yard and the owner can be time-consuming and sometimes unsuccessful if the parties don’t share the language or an understanding of expectations. QuantiServ have a vast network of partner yards where we are constantly present in our site offices, and have long-standing relationships with them.

QuantiServ has experience of dry docking planning and specification creation. We also know the players on the market and can have all needed services scheduled. We are in constant co-operation with classification societies and have long-standing relationships with them all.

QuantiServ is formally cooperating with the following shipyards