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Reconditioning presents itself as a very attractive solution for maintaining engine components: It offers as-new quality at a very interesting price. Typically, parts can be reconditioned and thereby given a new lease on life at less than half the cost when compared to new ones.

Reconditioning brings used components back to as-new condition:

  • same dimensions as new
  • same specifications as new
  • same performance as new
  • same quality as new
  • same warranty as new
  • same lifetime as new

QuantiServ offers two different reconditioning alternatives. The first is reconditioning on exchange and the second is reconditioning of the customer’s own component.

1. Reconditioning on exchange

Under this model, the customer gets a newly reconditioned component delivered from one of our four reconditioning centres. Once he has installed the component into his engine, he returns his old part to us. In this, he enjoys maximum flexibility because he does not need to return the old part to the same reconditioning centre from where he picked up the newly reconditioned part. That means that he can pick up and return parts from/to any of four QuantiServ reconditioning centres in China, Dubai, Singapore and The Netherlands.

No other company in this industry offers so much flexibility!

2. Reconditioning the customer’s own parts

Under this model, the customer sends the component to be reconditioned to a QuantiServ reconditioning centre, where it undergoes professional reconditioning after which it is returned to the customer.

Reconditioning Centre Closest ports
Kruiningen, Netherlands NLAMS, NLRTM*, DEHAM, BEANR*, BEGNE, BEZEE

*Regular transport by our own truck, at least twice a week

Choosing QuantiServ as your global reconditioning partner offers many important advantages:

  • Guaranteed quality and reliability
  • A global network of reconditioning centres. Parts can be picked up and returned to any of these
  • QuantiServ has more reconditioned parts in stock than anyone else
  • Fleet-wide agreements at very attractive prices
  • Six month warranty on workmanship and materials supplied by QuantiServ

All reconditioning processes are carried out in our own workshops, using modern machinery, top-quality materials and competent, well-trained personnel.

Every component that we receive for reconditioning at any of our four reconditioning centres will be given an individual number and will be entered into our database.

This means that we can offer, at no additional costs, full component traceability to our customers. We can keep them updated about how long individual parts last, the  specific wear rates and how often a given component has undergone reconditioning with us already.

Pistons, cylinder covers, exhaust valves and valve seats, piston skirts and fuel injection equipment form the majority of the parts that we recondition in our four reconditioning centres. Many other parts can be reconditioned too, such as bearings. Just send us a mail ( or give us a call.

Because we are proud of what we are doing, we welcome visitors to our reconditioning centres. Just give us a call to make an appointment!

Click on the pictures below to learn more about our extensive reconditioning portfolio.