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Our epoxy resin specialists just finished a grouting assignment in a petrochemical plant in Germany. It consisted of the installation of a large compressor skid and of the corresponding electro motor.

For such projects, where the task is to install large machinery base frames or sole plates on a concrete foundation, we typically use a three-component epoxy grouting compound. Three-component grouts include, in addition to the usual epoxy resin and its hardener, also an inert aggregate that acts as a filler material. Typically, silicon dioxide (quartz sand) is used as aggregate. It makes up the bulk of the mix, about 85% by weight.

Epoxy resin compounds are ideally suited for application on concrete. They possess a much higher resistance to many chemicals than concrete and therefore act as a physical barrier, protecting the concrete. Their compressive strength is also superior to concrete.

And since they experience virtually no shrinkage during curing nor creep, they are ideal for maintaining critically aligned equipment firmly in position throughout their long life time.

Scope of work

The customer asked QuantiServ to perform the following services:

•  Select the grouting material suitable for the purpose
•  Define grouting standards and requirement (i.e. concrete roughness, pouring temperature,…)
•  Develop a detailed site grouting procedure
•  Supply the grout material and deliver it to site
•  Carry out the pouring at site, including damming and other related work

The material that we chose is Chockfast Red from ITW Performance Polymers. About 2.5 m3 of it was used for this job.

The work at site consisted of three steps:

1. Grouting of the anchor bolt cavities

2. Grouting of the centrifugal compressor/gear box sole plate and of that of its electro motor

3. Grouting of the approximately 100 mm gap between the concrete foundation  and compressor/gear box skid

Click on the pictures on the left below for a larger view of these steps.

Electro motor aligned on foundation block
Electro motor aligned on foundation block
After grouting of the anchor bolts
After grouting of the anchor bolts
Grouting completed, damming about to be removed
Grouting completed, damming about to be removed

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