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In 2020, we have introduced QuantiCast into the market. QuantiCast is QuantiServ’s very own brand of pourable epoxy resin. It is a top modern chocking or grouting system that offers a number of advantages over competing products:

  • Excellent adhesion on various substrates (concrete, steel, …)
  • High compressive and impact strength
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, solvents and moisture
  • Tough, durable and very corrosion resistant
  • Possibility to modify the hardener to resin ratio, to vary pot life and curing time
Successful graduates of our training program in July 2022

QuantiCast is most often used as equipment foundation in marine and industrial environments. It is equally popular in new equipment installation, as in retrofit projects and repair.

To keep up with the material’s increasing demand, we constantly keep on training and certifying applicators. Our in-house training courses equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to master all situations and applications, such as static pours and resin injections.

We would like to congratulate the July 2022 cohort for having successfully completed their formal training, which consisted of a theoretical part, a practical part and an examination! They are now ready to join our experienced applicators to continue their learning in the field.

Follow the links below to learn more about epoxy resins and the services we provide, or about QuantiCast.

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