Supplied Fifteen New Engines for Soil Sampling Drilling Rigs

QuantiServ, as the exclusive dealer for Deutz high-speed engines and spare parts in Hong Kong, has sold 15 new engines to Hong Kong’s premier construction company. The engines will be installed in soil sampling drilling rigs.

The first five drilling rigs were completed at the end of 2017 and have been taken into commercial use already. The next batch of three will follow in March 2018.

The engines have a nominal output of 58kW at 2300 rpm and a maximum torque of 273 Nm at 1500 rpm. They are compact, light weight and are thus very popular in agriculture, mining and construction machinery all over the world. They are Tier III compliant.

Our scope of supply consists of the following:

  • Engines, type Deutz D914 L04
  • Control systems
  • Installation of the engines and control systems into the newly fabricated drilling rigs
  • Commissioning and site testing

Protecting exposed rudder stocks with fiber glass

QuantiServ’s resin engineers are used to work on a very wide variety of equipment. They are equally versed in repair jobs as in new installation work.

The work shortly described here falls into the latter category. In December 2016 we received for fiber glass wrapping two rudder stocks from a multipurpose frigate currently under construction in an Italian shipyard. The shipyard used to carry out the wrapping by themselves, in the yard. But they lacked the expertise and the right equipment, so decided to give these two rudder stocks to QuantiServ for wrapping in our workshop in Genoa.

The work included the sandblasting of the area to be wrapped, the verification of the surface roughness, the wrapping and final coating itself, as well as the spark testing. The surveyor from the shipyard, who attended the whole process, appreciated the result and said that the speed as well as quality of the work was superior compared to the earlier ones done by the yard.

Because of the good service and result, the shipyard intends to have the next few rudder stocks done at QuantiServ Genoa too.