QuantiServ offers an on-board service concept specialising in performing auxiliary engine major overhauls during the voyage. The concept is known by its industry standard name, Mobile Teams.

Mobile Teams consist of two to six QuantiServ technicians with seamen’s books that perform the service during the voyage. The average team size is four technicians but the team size is tailored according to the job scope and to the length of the voyage, i.e. number of days available for the job. The technicians pool is above 40 strong with two persons managing them from the office.

Genset overhauls during the voyage, here pictured for example on a Yanmar engine
Genset overhauls during the voyage, here pictured for example on a Yanmar engine

The Mobile Teams mostly perform auxiliary engine major overhauls of all brands and models on the market. Our Mobile Teams have complete tool sets for all brands’ major overhaul at their disposal. Accordingly, no parts need to be sent ashore for machining. Service based on customer’s swing set parts is also one of the standard operating procedures.

Our Mobile Team back office manages and plans the overhauls jointly with the customer in order to reach high level of efficiency in operations and logistics. Tools boxes are usually moved under customer’s Master Care to achieve the lowest cost.

All technicians have been trained on the job and each Mobile Team foreman has the necessary certifications to fulfil even the more stringent oil- and gas-industry requirements. All personnel that we send on board are our employees – we do not sublet work to cheap providers as other companies are doing.

QuantiServ’s Mobile Teams operate globally. They can sign on and sign off anywhere in the world. Our office organizes the necessary joining letters and visas together with customers’ agents and vessel’s technical management to achieve the best and most cost-effective way of moving men and material. The home base of the Mobile Teams is Mumbai, India, where all Mobile Team members also live.

Usually all job durations can be estimated to the day with help from customers’ vessel technical management office. Travel time is kept at a minimum and usually only one day is charged without the need for hotel lodging, but this of course depends on the geographical location and time of day when embarkation / disembarkation takes place. The job duration for a major overall normally lies between eight and sixteen days per engine, depending on the engine make, model, condition and number of cylinders. If required, some days can be shaved off by increasing the attending team’s size or by amending the scope of work.

The price per major overhaul is always fixed regardless of the attending team’s size. Prices per engine major overhaul are always negotiated with the customer and even multi-year service agreements can be made at very competitive prices. QuantiServ has fleet-wide agreements with the world’s largest shipowners and is not only executing the work on board, but is also planning and scheduling the overhauls on behalf of the owners.

QuantiServ has been providing this service since 2006. Since then, over 1000 auxiliary engines have been successfully overhauled by our Mobile Teams.

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Crankpin inspection
Crankpin inspection